419 Bermuda

This is a beautiful fairway like grass.  And represents the majority of our farms income.  On a weekly bases we might sell to a dozen landscapers, a few "installers," and a couple dozen homeowners just coming out for a pallet or two.  This is a relatively easy sod to successfully get established in your yard.  It's a full sun, drought tolerant, and ubiquitous in Oklahoma.  We charge $100/pallet of 500 sqft.



Our top quality fescue is fun for us, because we have people drive in from all over for it...Enid and OKC to name a couple.  It's beautiful.  People clamor for it - I don't know if it's the quality or our low price, but we inevitably sell out every year.   This is a shade/cool season sod; we sell it seasonally.   Partial dieback is common in Oklahoma when our dry summers heat up.  The most discerning of homeowners can combat this by over seeding their fescue every fall.    We charge $125/pallet of 500sqft


Meyers Zoysia

This is a thick sod, and makes for a super dense turf.  The rigid blades stay upright a characteristic golfers appreciate.  This is full sun, but we've found it will also tolerate some shade.  We recommend this when people are on the fence....."my yard has a little shade."  It requires a little more water than bermuda, but aside from that from a distance bermuda and zoysia could be confused.  It's something you might try under your oaks after you trim them up.  We grow only 8 acres of this, and like fescue, we sell out most years, please call ahead for availability.   We charge $160/pallet of 350 sqft.